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5 reasons why you should give up on social media

Social networks have become part of our life, becoming a part of it. The time spent on a smartphone is growing inexorably. And the number of registered users has exceeded 3.5 billion. Due to social networks, we have become less able to communicate live and spend time outdoors. All this has a detrimental effect on our physical and mental health. 

The experience of transition from a social addict, trembling over every useless little thing, to an unhealthy ascetic, and, finally, to a healthy minimalist.
Everything to convince you to try doing the same and experiment with this amazing life planning concept.

Scientists have proven that regular visits to the pages of the former generates addiction. And a huge amount of time spent thoughtlessly scrolling timeline turns into a bad habit. 

Decreased quality of life

A person who spends his free time on social networks involuntarily begins to compare himself with others: with a brother who has three children; with a married friend; with a blogger vacationing every summer in Bali. Comparisons give rise to complexes, and, consequently, fear of falling behind others. A race for “success” that is unnatural to our psyche begins, which leads to mental disorders, from anxiety to deep depression. A person feels guilty for his “failure” and “unprofitability” for society and for himself.

Lack of privacy

How many times have advertising agents called you and offered their services? After talking to obsessive strangers, one question arises: where did they get my phone number? The point is that the Internet is an open space. Anyone who has good programming skills can find information about you. In addition, personal data can be used by fraudsters who constantly come up with new ways to cheat us.

Lack of free time

Average time spent on social media networks – 1 hour and 40 minutes. Imagine how much you can do in this time. Meet loved ones, take a walk with the dog, read an interesting book, go to a museum or finally get some sleep. The biggest thief of our time is the Internet. There are so many interesting moments in life, it is multifaceted and full of pleasant impressions that it is simply stupid to spend it on saving pictures, recipes, shops, which we will forget about after a while. 

Sense of the moment

Being on a beautiful beach, we immediately take pictures of it, and not enjoy the view. It deprives us of our sense of the moment. It is important to feel here and now, to see the world with your own eyes, and not through the camera lens. Sometimes you want to capture important moments. And here one rule comes to the rescue: first we enjoy, and then we photograph. It is important that we ourselves feel life, feel like a part of it.

Cluttering and waste

Marketers offer a whole bunch of “life-making” products. Advertising of these products on the Internet creates unlimited information noise, and we often buy unnecessary things that clutter up the space. In addition, the Internet is full of headlines for online courses that promise us to make millions without raising our hands and achieve a model appearance in just four weeks. But, unfortunately, half of these information products are just a volume of general information for a lot of money.

Not everyone can give up social networks and a smartphone completely. One social network is needed for work, others for study. But breaks or informational detox should be done regularly by everyone. You can remove unnecessary applications and set aside one hour a day to visit your favorite websites and social media. networks. But most importantly, abandoning social media should be a deliberate, moderate, and carefully considered decision.

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