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5 most popular types of chairs

Surely you have seen iconic furniture more than once in cafes, offices, cinemas, and designer interiors. Did you know that all its popular forms have names and creation stories? Knowing the names of these objects, you can add a design icon to any interior, the attractiveness of which has been tested over time.

1. Viennese chairs

These wooden chairs can be found in many coffee shops as well as in residential living rooms. But this simple form of a chair with a curved back was invented back in 1859 by the Thonet Brothers company and was called Chair no. 14. To make it, the wood is bent under steam. This chair is present in many paintings and films: already before the First World War it was produced 50 million times, but it continues to be produced to this day. 

Suitable for classic interiors, but can also fit into a modern room with light shades of classics. A bar version with extended legs is also available.

2. Eames Plastic chair

The chair was invented by a talented married couple of designers Charles and Ray Eames in 1949. This event marked the beginning of the widespread use of plastic in product design. Nowadays these chairs can be seen everywhere; people like to place them in modern and Scandinavian interiors, but they often use fakes made from lower-quality material (the original was polypropylene). The official manufacturer is Vitra. 

3. Pantone chair

The first piece of furniture was made from one single piece of plastic in 1960 by designer Verner Panton. He became a symbol of the era of the 60s, bright and daring, capable of experimentation and emancipation. It continues to be republished and interpreted to this day. The modern version is made from polypropylene by Vitra but is also on the market with many fakes.  

Shown in modern, futuristic spaces, and high-tech interiors. 

4. Louis Ghost

A relatively young invention, ironic and classic at the same time: it refers to the elegant era of King Louis XV, after whom it was named. The inspiration came from medallion chairs with an oval back, often found in royal interiors. The transparent chair was invented by the eccentric designer Philippe Starck in 2002 and also has the honor of becoming one of the most counterfeited pieces of furniture in the world. Manufactured from polycarbonate by Kartell. 

Looks great both in classic and modern interiors, in American classics and contemporary. Its main advantage is transparency: it allows you not to overload the interior with unnecessary details.

5. Tolix chair

The sheet metal chair, which fits perfectly in a loft, was invented in 1934. That year, Xavier Pochard learned how to protect metal from rust by galvanization. In the 30s, this furniture was even used on ships: it did not turn over and withstood the effects of water; there was even a hole in the seat to drain it. This elegant piece of engineering can be admired in several museums around the world: the Pompidou Center, MoMA in New York, and the Vitra Museum.

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