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5 ideas on how to create a wow interior

Blue sky on the ceiling, a hallway in terracotta, a mirrored kitchen apron – and other design techniques that are worth taking note

Yulia Babintseva created a super stylish interior for a 50 sq.m Euro-room apartment for a young customer. Cool design techniques are used in the decoration and design, which make the furnishings unique and non-standard. We share the most interesting ideas. 

1. Terracotta hallway

To make the interior surprise from the very threshold, paint the hallway in a bright terracotta shade, as Yulia Babintseva did. The warm color palette is uplifting and invigorating. Small-format tiles combined with terracotta give the feeling of hot sand at a Mediterranean resort. 

2. Mirror apron

The kitchen has a lot of storage cabinets without them looking bulky. Lightness is added by a mirrored apron that reflects light from the window.

3. Wallpaper with large print

When it comes to buying wallpaper, most often the choice falls on a small “safe” print. But it’s the large drawings that create the wow effect. Designer wallpaper called “Song of Summer” was used to decorate the walls in this project. They fit perfectly into the interior concept. A large floral design looks great in a relatively compact space, making it more airy and dynamic.

4. Blue ceiling

In the bedroom, we recreated the summer sky on the ceiling, painting it a very pleasant gray-blue shade. The ceiling lamps were painted with the same paint so that they would not stand out against the colored ceiling.

5. Glossy tiles and paint

The contrast of finishing materials creates an interesting effect. Blue glossy tiles resemble water and are cool, while terracotta walls are warm. The bathroom combines all the color schemes and accents of the apartment. At the same time, everything looks harmonious and balanced.

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