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5 dream kitchens (everything has been thought of here: both design and storage)

We have prepared a selection of large-scale kitchens and one compact kitchen project that will inspire you to design your own space ergonomically, functionally, and beautifully.

Dreaming is big, right? That is why in our selection most of the projects are spacious kitchens, which are more relevant for country houses or large apartments. Nevertheless, ideas for the design of space and functional content can also be gleaned in order to embody a typical city apartment in the kitchen. 

1. Spacious kitchen with workspace

This project was developed by the American studio of kitchen and furniture design Studio Dearborn. In our selection, there are only two projects from their portfolio.

So what do we see in this kitchen? Cabinets are placed on three walls. Along the fourth wall is a corner with a mini-sofa and a dining table, as well as a workplace with a computer—a great demonstration of how to combine two zones in one space. The accent kitchen island echoes the color of the furniture, which is located in the seating area by the window and the “study”. The kitchen cabinets are white with wood elements. Bright accents, in addition to the blue furniture fronts, are carpets in the aisles and handles on a large slab. 

As for thoughtful storage, everything here is divided into zones so that it is convenient and ergonomic. Next to the stove are built-in shelves for spices and pull-out narrow shelves where cooking utensils and oil are stored. Next to the sink, there are built-in systems for drying dishes – these are placed on the sink and the dishes are placed on it, from which water must drain. There is also a railing for paper towels (also built into the closet!). And on the other side there are lockers where, as you can see in the photo, tea bags are stored.

Attention is also deserved by the study of cabinets in the office. Sockets are built into the drawers so as not to overload the well-thought-out space with bundles of wires. 

2. Luxurious kitchen with thoughtful storage 

This project is by American kitchen designer Jack Creasy and Bloomsbury Kitchens and Fine Cabinetry. It combines luxurious materials, colors, and thoughtful filling of kitchen cabinets.

The green color dominates the design, it is combined with wood in the flooring and furniture elements, marble on the countertop and kitchen backsplash, as well as golden details. But apart from the design, the ergonomics are also impressive. 

The space is completely filled with kitchen cabinets – mostly with closed shelves, but there is also a display case with a collection of beautiful plates. There is even a wardrobe with a mini-bar. To get to the upper shelves, you can use the stairs – it is easy to see in the photos. Inside the kitchen island in drawers are designed modules for storing vegetables, bread, flour and sugar, and dishes. There are even built-in cutting boards next to the stove, which are reached by the attached handle. 

3. Kitchen with impressive pantry cabinets

Another green kitchen, but in a different shade and from other manufacturers – the British company Tom Howley. The thoughtful storage and the combination of open and closed modules, as well as their diversity, are impressive here – both for the wine collection and for tableware. But special attention is drawn to the module of cabinets with a built-in refrigerator – a regular one and a wine one. These cabinets are able to accommodate almost the entire assortment of the grocery store, even the doors are used for storage. 

4. Ergonomic kitchen with unusual facades

Another project from Studio Dearborn. This is a spacious room with kitchen cabinets lined up around the perimeter, a bar, and a workplace. The project attracts attention with the unusual design of the fronts of the cabinets, namely the bar, the built-in refrigerator, and the place for storing groceries, they are decorated with a wooden herringbone pattern, which is more familiar to see on the floor. The rest of the cabinets are in a classic design, with panels in a complex beige-olive shade. 

Storage thought out to the smallest detail. There is a separate cabinet for storing products that do not need a refrigerator (pantry), it is located next to the built-in refrigerator, a cabinet for storing small household appliances (food processor, as shown in the photo), next to the stove there are pull-out modules with kitchen appliances, next to the sink – built-in dryers that can be placed on the sink. By the way, there are two sinks – one of them is on the kitchen island.

5. Small beautiful kitchen

And, nevertheless, you can dream not only of a large kitchen with everything you need, there are those who spend little time cooking. Sometimes it’s enough to decorate a small kitchen, but make it look like a “dream”. 

Like, for example, the kitchen in this apartment, which is located in Paris. The authors of the project are the agency of designer Marie Deroudilhe. A tiny space is hidden in a niche with an arched opening. The cabinets are built according to the U-shaped principle, so there are enough storage systems in general, and a “window” opens on one side, similar to what can be seen in a restaurant kitchen – when dishes are served from the hall. An unusual color – at first glance pink, but in fact more complex, adds some fabulousness and unusualness to this space. 

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