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5 best ways to decorate your wall with decorative plates

Ceramic plates are not often seen as wall decor, especially in rooms other than the kitchen. We show how impressive they can look and suggest ideas for hanging.

1. Create a strong composition

The easiest way to make a ceramic panel is to arrange the plates in the form of a geometric figure. You can hang one plate in the center and outline the contours of the figure around it, or fill the entire space. Shapes can be very different: rhombus, triangle, trapezoid, circle.

With the help of round plates, you can create a streamlined composition – the very shape of the elements encourages such a solution. With this composition, you can simply decorate the wall or place it around one of the wall elements, such as a TV.

2. Hang randomly

Arbitrary hanging will emphasize the rebellious nature of the owners of the apartment. But so that it does not look disharmonious, it is necessary to think over the connecting element. You can use plates of a similar color or shape, or you can arrange the composition framed by moldings, as in the examples below.

3. Use similar plates

The easiest way is to make wall decor from the same plates or similar ones from the same collection. You can arrange them in any form, and arbitrarily. Plus – there will be no problems with the combination of colors inside the decor.

4. Combine plates with other interior elements

Another option is to duplicate the color or pattern of the plate in the decor. You can even use the same dishes as both a decorative element and a functional one, according to its intended purpose. The last solution is suitable for the kitchen.

5. Choose different plates

Combining completely different plates into one panel can be tricky. You can’t do without taste and a sense of proportion. On the other hand, this way you can create a truly unique composition. In addition, if the plates were brought from travels to different countries, together they will evoke pleasant memories for you.

Here we advise you to turn to the first method – to arrange the elements in the form of a certain shape. So it will be easiest for you to create a panel from different plates.

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