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4 interior details that make your apartment look expensive – you can afford them!

The luxurious appearance of an apartment is not always associated with the cost of repairs and furnishings. If you play with the details correctly, you can save a lot on the interior – but at the same time get a space worthy of a place in glossy magazines.

In order to make an apartment cozy, it is not necessary to carry out a full renovation. The main thing is to decorate the interior with interesting details.

If you want the space to look more stylish and expensive in appearance, pay attention to these nuances. Thanks to them, your home will become both luxurious and laconic. It is the combination of these factors that all interior designers are chasing!


It is better to replace the standard round shower head with a square one. Please note that in good hotels this is the option most often found.


We are all accustomed to the standard look of window sills: white and with a decently protruding part, on which it is so convenient to grow flowers and store various small things. Designers advise to equalize the size of the window sill with the wall – for example, using panels for radiators or more complex finishing of the bottom of the wall. In addition, white plastic is by no means a stylish solution. It is better to finish the window sill in the color of wood – or choose another dark and neutral tone.


Most sofa models have a typical structure with support on thin legs. This type of furniture is gradually going out of fashion: especially because of how difficult it is to maintain cleanliness with this type of sofa. It is better to give preference to floor-length sofas. They also look more cozy!


A couple of years ago, thanks to numerous blogs about cozy space design, a trend for bright posters with exotic plants appeared. What can we say: today in construction stores you can even find several wallpaper options in a similar style! However, such a print quickly tires the eyesight. Designers recommend giving preference to more harmonious paintings with abstract figures. By the way, they are much easier to fit into the interior than exotic ones.

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