31 steps to always keep your home tidy

How to make your home more comfortable at no extra cost?

Perhaps this question is relevant for many. We created a list of helpful tips that you can use.

  1. Less furniture. Even a large living room will look like a junk shop when cluttered with furniture. Get rid of unnecessary things. Leave only the basic set: a sofa, shelves for books, a comfortable chair, a soft ottoman and a coffee table. Organize the space so that you can walk comfortably.
  2. Clean out junk. Do not feel sorry for old magazines. Leave the last two issues, and if you like an article, rip it out and save it in a folder.
  3. Clean the place. There is a rule: the coffee table top should be 75% free! Choose models with drawers or bottom shelves.
  4. Easier to get. Arrange small decorative pieces (candles, vases, etc.) on a separate beautiful tray. It will be more convenient to get and put these things away from time to time.
  5. Remote controls. If you have more than one, put them all together in a resealable basket or stack on a decorative dish.
  6. An odd number. For most sofas, three pillows in matching colors are enough, one of which should be one colored (if the sofa is large, you can put five pillows, of which two will be one colored).
  7. Fallback option. The padded pouf is another seat and additional storage space.
  8. Floor covering. Several small rugs can visually reduce the space. Instead, it is better to lay one large spectacular carpet on a wooden floor. 

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Even passionate reading lovers will be able to maintain order!

  1. Not just books. Leave no more than three items on the shelves. For example, vases of different shapes, but in the same color scheme.
  2. Making a choice. Do not strive to ensure that every book you read is on the shelf, leave only those that impressed you. Your goal is to free at least 10% of the shelf surface from books. Do not forget that nowadays a lot can be stored in an electronic library.
  3. In focus. Photoframes that are similar in style, color, and material.
  4. Toy story. Teach children to take away toys by placing light baskets on the lower shelves.


Convenience and accessibility are the main principles of arranging a kitchen space.

  1. Close-up. Frying pans and saucepans fill up cabinets quickly and are inconvenient to take out. It is much easier to place everything above the stove on the rail and hang it on hooks.
  2. For caps. Buy a stand and attach it to a door or inside a cabinet wall.
  3. Kitchen utensils. Store in a tall bowl next to the stove for less cooking time.
  4. Excess plastic. Do not accumulate food containers. Leave a few different sizes, no more
  5. Get out of the drawers. Store only those items that you use on a daily basis, and put the rest on the upper or deeper shelves.
  6. Secret storage. Use the space under the kitchen cabinets to store trays and baking sheets. It’s comfortable! 

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Nothing extra!

  1. Sorting. Divide home papers into two categories: Bills and payments and put them in a folder and paper ads in trash can.
  2. Trash. 90% of advertising brochures can be thrown away immediately without regret. And the remaining 10%, which may come in handy, put in a noticeable basket.
  3. Catalogs and instructions. You can use electronic versions of those that you really need.
  4. Mobility. A portable bin with internal files or a drawer on wheels allows you to store papers anywhere in the room.
  5. Destruction of excess. If you have to work at home and a lot of paper accumulates, purchase a paper shredder to shred it.
  6. The key to success. Place the keys in a separate bowl, placing it in the most prominent place at the entrance.
  7. Ready. Place trash cans by the door to dump unwanted papers into them on the go. 


No repairs or alterations!

  1. Upper level. Set vertical dividers to create more space and more order.
  2. Medicines. A moist and warm bathroom is perhaps the worst place to store medicine. Find a cool, dry area for them.
  3. Dispensers. If shampoos and gels won’t fit on the edge of the tub, buy a hanging dispenser. It is convenient and economical!
  4. Imperceptibly. Place plastic storage boxes under the sink.
  5. Cosmetics. Buy small transparent Velcro cosmetic bags – everything is visible, accessible and neat.
  6. Hot! It is convenient to store hair iron or a hair dryer that have not cooled down yet in a ceramic stand.

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