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30 magical nurseries with canopies

Doesn’t your baby’s room have a canopy yet? And in vain: this is a very cozy and stylish accessory, and most importantly, it is now in trend. We have made a selection of amazing and inspiring children for you: take note.

3 win-win ideas for using a canopy in a nursery

1. Above the bed

Perhaps one of the most common, gentle, and cozy ways to use a canopy in a baby’s room is to hang it above the crib. Such a textile tent can almost completely surround the cradle of the little ones, and for older children, this decorative element can be placed at the head.

Such a solution adds charm and sophistication to the room and adds a sophisticated touch to the interior. However, pay close attention to the issue of safety: make sure that the floors of the canopy will not get into the crib of the crumbs (this is fraught with a potential suffocation hazard).

2. Nook

By adding a soft, warm carpet, pouf, or pillows to a textile tent, you will create a small nook in the children’s room. Little ones are crazy about such cozy places, but setting it up won’t be too difficult – you can even make it yourself.

3. Above a sofa or armchair

If your baby’s room has an armchair or sofa, a canopy will be a simple and effective way to visually highlight this seating area and make it even more comfortable, stylish, and original.

Modern mass manufacturers and individual craftswomen offer a wide variety of textile tents; you can easily select a model of the desired color, size, and quality.

4 more unusual ways to use a canopy in your baby’s room

1. Play area

Hang a canopy over a mini pool with balls – and a compact play area for your baby is ready! The little ones will be delighted with such a corner in the room.

2. Above the table

Place a textile tent over your desk – it will help you create a simple and stylish area for learning, reading, and developmental activities.

3. Above the storage basket

A basket for toys or other important things can also be supplemented with a canopy, visually highlighting the storage area.

4. Decorative element

A textile tent can serve as an independent decorative element, without being tied to the functional areas of the baby’s room. It’s a quick and easy way to add extra texture or color to a nursery’s interior, as well as elegantly fill an empty corner.

Bonus: 5 ideas for decorating a textile tent

With our shortlist of simple, inexpensive accessories, you can make your nursery’s canopy even more fabulous and stylish:

  • add a light garland, it will bring an atmosphere of real magic to the nursery’s interior;
  • textile, paper garlands, and original options (for example, from photographs of your baby) are also perfect;
  • pendants made from environmentally friendly materials (for example, textile or wood) will look original when combined with a canopy;
  • children’s hanging mobiles will perfectly complement a cozy corner;
  • Pom-poms made from various materials and all sizes will fit perfectly into the nursery’s interior and add coziness.

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