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20 cozy interior items for the first cold weather

At the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, you really want to fill your home with comfort and warmth. Our selection includes textiles, furniture, and decor elements that will cope brilliantly with this task.

1. Blanket

A soft and pleasant-to-the-touch knitted blanket made from environmentally friendly cotton is a real must-have during the cold weather. An additional advantage of this particular model is the fashionable pink color, which will fit perfectly into a calm interior.

2. Bed linen

The main feature of this cotton linen set from Snurk is, of course, the amazingly realistic print of a sleeping dog, which seems to be curled up at the feet of its owners. The whole set looks simple and cute, but be careful: there is a danger that on a cold morning you won’t want to get out from under such a blanket.

3. Glu mulled wine set

This dinnerware set from Dutch brand XD Design is an example of a simple and beautiful design. In winter, it should be used for its intended purpose – for mulled wine (a strong glass and a stand with a candle will keep the drink warm), and in summer you can pour soft drinks into the decanter.

4. Piggy bank for wine corks

A decor option similar in theme to the previous one is a wall accessory for wine corks from the Woodstyle brand. This is not only an unusual decoration, but also an easy way to assemble your first collection.

5. Scented candle from H&M HOME

This candle will fill your home with a pleasant aroma and will also become a wonderful decorative element: the ceramic candlestick in which it is located exudes rustic coziness.

6. Home fragrance “Spicy mandarin”

And in this case, the main thing is the smell. The home fragrance from the “Wax Lyrical Winter” collection is called “Spicy Mandarin”, as you might guess, it is based on citrus fruits and spices. Ideal for creating a New Year’s mood!

7. Cushion cover from H&M HOME

This cover cannot be called anything other than warm, because it contains natural wool. The model is presented in two versions: white and anthracite.

8. Carpet from Zara Home

Another option for cozy textiles is a rug with a worn effect from Zara Home. This element is ideal for creating an interior “with history”.

9. Fox mug

What do we do most often during the cold season? Of course, we drink warm drinks. It’s doubly pleasant to do this from such a mug with images of a fox.

10. Stand from Zara Home

Well, the mug needs a stand. And if we are talking about cozy decor, then there is only one option – made of wood.

11. Candlestick from Klingel

Making a room bright and warm is very simple – just place a few cute candlesticks in it. For example, these are perfect for the late autumn mood.

12. Lantern “Synnesro”

Another option is a simple and elegant lantern that can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

13. Dispenser from Zara Home

At first glance, such a dispenser for liquid soap does not seem to be an important component of a cozy decor. But it certainly plays a role in the design of the house.

14. Storage Jar from Kristy Home

Another optional, but very cute and atmospheric little thing.

15. Photo frame from Zara Home

One of the easiest ways to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home is to fill it with memories and photographs. In such a cute frame the task will be completed 100%.

16. Barometer lamp

This lamp with imitation yellow copper will make both late work and evening reading much more enjoyable.

17. Boho Dress Scarf Organizer

This is not only unusual and beautiful, but also an extremely useful item for the home in the autumn and winter seasons.

18. Tall vase from H&M HOME

Another decorative element with a hint of rustic style. This clay vase looks beautiful on its own, but if you put dried flowers in it, you will get a complete composition for the autumn interior.

19. Hanging planter VINTAGE

Another option for “periflower” decor – this time for house plants.

20. Stool from Zara Home

And finally, a little about furniture. Of course, not everyone will start buying expensive sofas and armchairs due to the cold weather. But almost everyone can afford such a wooden stool.

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