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12 decorative pillows you can make yourself

Decorative pillow from a shirt, old jeans, and 10 more options that you can make yourself from scrap materials.

1. From fabric scraps

Do you have some fabric left from sewing curtains or have a lot of worn-out clothes accumulated? Any leftover fabric can be turned into a decorative pillow (for a sofa, armchair, or bed).

Are the fabric scraps very small? Refer to the patchwork method – patchwork sewing.

You can make an abstract pattern or a plot drawing from pieces of fabric. By the way, in this way, you can please the youngest members of the family. 

2. With embroidery

Embroidery can help refresh a boring plain cover or turn a basic inexpensive pillowcase into a decorative accent. Choose what is closest to you: embroider with beads, sequins, or embroider with decorative stitches using threads. 

3. From a shirt

You can give your shirt a second life by turning it into a pillow. It looks original and cozy, and the work is nothing, even a child can do it!

4. From a T-shirt

Want to get an unusual T-shirt pillow? Why not! By the way, in this way, you can preserve the memory of things purchased during your trips.

5. From a sweatshirt

In the same way, you can delay the moment of parting with your favorite sweatshirt. Take a look at this original and functional option: you can put your phone or TV remote in the pocket.

6. From old denim

Do you have old jeans lying around? You can also use them to make an unusual decorative pillow cover.

Experiment with the pattern, add details (embroidery, stripes, buttons) – and enjoy the resulting effect.

7. Pumpkin pillow

But this unusual pumpkin pillow will be an excellent seasonal fall decor or help decorate your home for Halloween. There is nothing complicated in its manufacture:

  • Take a circle of fabric twice the diameter of the desired pillow.
  • Fold the edge in half or three times (depending on the density of the fabric) and follow the outline with a basting stitch.
  • Assemble the pumpkin by gently pulling the string.
  • Stuff with soft material and secure the seam.
  • Use jute rope to shape the “slices” and tail of your pumpkin. Ready!

8. Case with painting

If you are comfortable with brushes and paints, you can decorate a plain pillow cover with a decorative inscription or design (use special fabric paints).

If you haven’t discovered any artistic talent, stencils for painting and stamps will help out.

9. Knitted pillows

Can you knit? Great! This means that making a stylish and fashionable knitted pillow will not be difficult for you.

Well, those who are not comfortable with knitting needles and crochet can get a knitted pillow by making it with their own hands from an old sweater.

10. Seat cushion

Note to craftswomen: you can sew not only sofa cushions with your own hands but also models for sitting (on the floor, chair, bench, stool).

11. Knot pillow

Another fashionable option that you can make yourself is a knot pillow. The main thing is to be patient: cutting and sewing the parts will not be difficult, but stuffing will take time. Assembly diagrams for such a decorative accessory can be different; you can easily find a suitable one on the Internet.

12. Macrame style

Another modern trend is macrame. Even if you are far from this type of needlework, simple weaving patterns can be found in abundance on the Internet. Do you doubt your accuracy? Choose a base case that matches the color of the macrame thread, so mistakes will be less noticeable. Those who are confident in their own abilities can choose a contrasting pillowcase.

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