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11 tricks to make your kitchen look more expensive

Is it possible to make the kitchen look more stylish and status without excessive costs? Undoubtedly! We give tips that will suit absolutely any interior.

1. Stylish fittings

Kitchen fittings are one of those little things that set the mood of the environment and always catch the eye. Even if you think these details are too insignificant. Try replacing standard cabinet handles with more sophisticated and stylish ones – and you will instantly feel the difference in perception.

2. High-quality backsplash tiles

Another detail that seriously affects the status of the entire kitchen interior is the tiles used on the backsplash. When choosing it, try not to skimp on quality and design: after all, you will need very little material, and the final cost will not hit your budget too much.

3. Unusual layout of budget tiles

If you still don’t have the opportunity to spend money on expensive tiles for a backsplash, turn to unusual ways of laying out budget tiles. For example, from inexpensive mosaics of different colors, you can create not very complex but effective patterns. From tiles similar in color and style – “assemble” an apron in the patchwork style.

4. Thoughtful lighting

Nothing makes a kitchen look cheaper than a single chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Lighting should be thoughtful and varied. In addition to the general one, be sure to provide good technical light above the work surface and local light in the dining area.

Depending on the size and functional load of the room, you can add other light sources, expanding the possible kitchen lighting scenarios.

5. Expensive faucet

A kitchen sink faucet is something you should not skimp on. Firstly, it is unsafe: a cheap Chinese faucet can cause flooding and cause irreparable damage to both your renovation and that of your neighbors. Secondly, it is what makes your kitchen more convenient and functional.

Believe me: an expensive, high-quality faucet catches the eye and visually enhances the status of the entire set.

6. Following the chosen style

Even the most thoughtful kitchen interior design can be ruined by inappropriate accessories and household little things. Select each element of the decor, focusing on the chosen color scheme and style.

7. Combination of expensive and budget materials

The technique that we briefly mentioned in the paragraphs about fittings, backsplash tiles, and faucets – a combination of expensive and budget materials in the design, is relevant for the entire kitchen interior as a whole. A high-quality tablecloth will transform even a simple table, expensive stylish equipment will add charm to an ordinary set, and a single designer piece of furniture will visually enhance the status of the entire setting.

8. Finalization of the mass market

If you can only dream about expensive furniture and designer accessories, turn to a proven technique – refining the mass market. Some things can be painted in the desired color, and in others, the upholstery or fittings can be changed. This “revision” will help you save money and acquire a unique element of the decor.

9. Separate purchase of frames and facades

The secret that will help you save a lot on kitchen furniture is a combination of simple, ordinary frames and stylish, beautiful facades. After all, you are not at all obliged to order a kitchen “from start to finish” from one manufacturer.

10. Attention to trends

Paying close attention to design trends will help your kitchen look more current and enhance its status. At the same time, you shouldn’t fill the decor with fashionable solutions; just a couple of tricks will be enough to make the interior modern and stylish.

11. Associations with luxury

And finally, to visually make a budget kitchen more expensive, you can use materials and decorative elements that are strongly associated with wealth and luxury.

It can be natural wood, stone, metals of noble shades, or objects of art. The main thing is not to overdo it and introduce such accents carefully.

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