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11 decorator secrets: how to make any room light and airy

All you have to do is turn a few smart ideas into reality, and even the most gloomy room will literally breathe in light and fresh air.

 1. Simple silhouettes

Pure forms and a minimum of textures are the basic formula for a light and airy interior. There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than clear and precise, but not intrusive geometry: laconic furniture, straight or slightly rounded corners, simple-shaped carpets. This approach to the environment is the key to a light and psychologically unburdensome space.

2. Light background

A whitewashed ceiling and the same walls are no longer a novelty today, so pay attention to lighter, but more interesting shades: ecru, milky, mint, sage, lavender. For flooring, choose bleached oak, light-colored carpet or neutral laminate. Remember – the maximum visual effect of lighting can be achieved through the overall light color scheme of the floor, ceiling and walls.

3. Catchy accents

No matter how contradictory it may sound, light shades should not fill the entire space. If you correctly use dark silhouettes and a couple of bright accents on a light canvas, you will gain a bonus in the form of additional volume due to emphasized geometry.

4. Minimum textiles

Good textiles in the interior are undoubtedly one of the most important components of the decor. However, in rooms where there is not enough light and volume, textile design should be treated with particular care. The number of types and textures of fabrics should be minimal, and the textures should be as simple as possible. Therefore, do not get carried away with all kinds of blankets, pillows, tablecloths and heavy curtains.

5. Good reflection

A mirror is our best friend when it comes to visually increasing space. The ability of mirror surfaces, including crystal and metal elements, to visually expand and brighten interiors is simply magnificent because they can significantly deepen a room and literally double the amount of light in a room. Therefore, place such objects opposite light sources.

6. Seamless storage

The fewer free-standing cabinets, shelves, and chests of drawers, the cleaner and more voluminous the interior looks. If you want to visually expand the space, create one spacious storage system behind a plain matte facade without handles, with a push-to-open system. Remove dust-collecting structures: wall cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers along the walls – all this conceals space.

7. The principle of minimalism

If you want to unload the space visually, the easiest way is to do it physically. Do not leave anything unnecessary – unnecessary things, excess decor, or furniture. It’s better to add a couple of large pictures on the wall than several shelves with all sorts of things.

8. Experiment with relief

The relief structure will also help to visually increase the space, as it is an excellent alternative to textured wallpaper. Thanks to the refraction of light, the relief creates a feeling of volume, and, therefore, its direction allows you to adjust the geometry of the room.

9. Multi-level lighting

As for artificial lighting, remember that in a cramped room, one chandelier in the middle of the ceiling will not be enough. A few more lamps are needed, located around the perimeter: sconces on the walls, floor lamps, and a couple of table lamps. Having multiple layers of light will make the room feel more airy and spacious.

10. Blurred boundaries

This is a more complex, but very effective technique, and its main purpose is to deceive our brains and eyes. This can be done well by zoning an open plan with ceilings, using matte surfaces, extending the flooring onto the wall, or playing with the color of the walls in the rooms.

11. High ceiling

You can increase the room not only in width but also in height. If your apartment has standard-height ceilings, you can visually raise them by using ceiling cornices, high doors, and vertical patterns on the walls. One way to make a small room or entire apartment seem larger is to paint the walls and ceiling the same color.

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