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10 ways to correctly fit a light sofa into the interior

A light or even white sofa is a spectacular accent that can set the tone for the entire interior, or it can turn out to be a big and very noticeable mistake. We have collected some tips for those who are ready for bright experiments.

Method 1. Always follow the rule of color balance

The most important thing in interior design is to take into account one very important rule – color balance! This ratio is 60% – primary color, 30% – additional, and 10% accent color. The main or additional color should be neutral, and for accents, it is better to choose bright and rich tones. There shouldn’t be too many accents.

Method 2. Select sofas and armchairs in the same color scheme

The upholstery of the sofa, armchair, and curtains can be made in the same color scheme. Such uniformity will give the room a finished look. If the upholstery is not monochromatic, but, for example, a small light flower, then in such an interior it is better not to overuse small accessories.

Method 3. Combine different surface textures

The interior, both classic and modern, will never look boring if you use different surface textures and an abundance of textiles. A textbook example is the combination of a voluminous sofa made of genuine leather, a high-pile carpet, and silk curtains.

Method 4. Paint the walls in bright colors

Light upholstery requires a brighter shade for the walls or decoration with contrasting posters. Pistachio, terracotta, and lilac shades are suitable. Such an interior will be the embodiment of sophistication and some understatement… 

Method 5. Choose curtains to match

A good move would be to add a touch of color from the sofa upholstery to the curtains or blankets. For example, if the sofa is pale blue, then the curtains and rugs can be indigo. To balance out such brightness, it is better to choose walls that are neutral, but not white, but, for example, gray concrete.

Method 6. Complement the interior with textile accessories

It is extremely necessary to complement the image of the interior with light upholstered furniture with bright touches. These can be textile accessories, designed in a color scheme that complements the interior – the color of walls, carpets, or curtains.

Method 7. Place color accents

An elegant and cozy light sofa in a classic style will be an ideal basis for color accents – decorative pillows and blankets. 

Method 8. Choose the right chairs and poufs

For a plain sofa, we recommend choosing armchairs, poufs, and pillows in fabrics with a classic monogram. 

Method 9. Complete the interior with Art Deco-style accessories

A light sofa is also appropriate in Art Deco, which is popular for lovers of eclecticism. For example, pillows in expensive plain velour are appropriate here.

Method 10. Install a long narrow console behind the sofa

A long, narrow console behind the sofa can be a good decorative solution; American designers are very fond of this technique.

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