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10 simple and beautiful DIY fall decor options

How to get rid of the impending autumn blues? That’s right – keep yourself busy. Get creative with some easy DIY ideas with a fall vibe. 

1. Decorative boards in the shape of pumpkins

Such boards can be used for table setting, for example. Wooden coasters like these can be found at home decor and houseware stores. All you need to improve them is paint and varnish. The rest of the decor is optional. For example, wooden handles were attached here and rope bundles were attached to them

2. Leaves panel 

Look how dry autumn leaves were used – they were made into a large panel. The scheme is simple – collect even leaves, wash, dry, and glue to a wooden board. 

3. Wreaths and blankets… on the festive table

Look how this festive table was decorated. A checkered blanket – instead of a stand and tablecloth, dry branches that are twisted into a wreath – to decorate the plate. An atypical solution for autumn decor. 

4. Simple checkered plaid 

Sometimes one blanket is enough to create an autumn mood. The classic is a checkered plaid in brown and orange shades. 

5. Knitted decor 

This is also a classic of autumn cold, and winter too. You can knit a blanket, decorative pillowcases, or for example, a cover for a cup or plate. 

6. Garland of leaves 

Look how great this garland looks. And to realize this idea, you will need very little time and money. Find a long rope, collect the leaves, and tie them to the rope. Before this, the leaves can be decorated,  for example, by painting them with spray paint. 

7. Bouquet of dried flowers 

To make such a bouquet, you just need to go out of town to the nearest field. In this case, the bouquet is made from wheat sprouts, but you can make any. And to make it look more colorful, place it in an impromptu vase made from a country-style jug. 

8. Lamp stand 

For this, you will need a bottle and a cork. And to add an autumn atmosphere, fill the bottle with acorns. They can be pre-painted. 

9. Cups

Ordinary enamel cups can be slightly transformed – just orange paint and a stencil. And on the cup, you can write whatever you want. 

10. Simple poster 

You don’t have to have any artistic skills to do this. Lettering is the easiest option. You can also print out the picture you like and insert it into a frame with a passe-partout. 

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